Welcome to Sophrosyne Designs, a place where cherished memories are handcrafted into timeless keepsakes.

The story of our unique creations began with a heartfelt inspiration. My daughter once saw a bracelet made from horse hair and was deeply moved. Knowing that her horse, a loyal companion since early childhood, would soon pass away, I wanted to create something special to remember her beloved friend. Determined, I learned the intricate art of making horse hair bracelets and practiced until I perfected the craft.

When her cherished horse finally passed, I created not only the bracelets but a commemorative board unlike any other, a beautiful tribute to their bond. This heartfelt project led to the creation of several more items for our own family, and the idea to share these meaningful pieces with others was born.

Our journey has since expanded to include a variety of commemorative items and many other items. We craft not only in memory of those who have passed but also to celebrate anniversaries, special occasions, and milestones. Each piece we create is made with true hands-on craftsmanship, infused with genuine emotion and care. Unlike mass-produced, computerized items, every piece is unique in class and style, ensuring that no two are ever identical.

We are committed to using recycled materials whenever possible, adding an extra layer of love and sustainability to our creations. Our wood items, for example, are made from reclaimed wood, giving new life to materials that might otherwise be discarded.

At Sophrosyne Designs, every item is handmade with your personal touch in mind, ensuring that your memories are preserved in the most heartfelt and personal way. We invite you to explore our collections and find the perfect piece to commemorate your special moments.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to helping you create something truly unique and memorable.