Shipping Directives

Your Horse Hair Requirement

Minimum length = requires  2 to 3 inches longer than size ordered depending on the tapper 
Minimum bundle width = 5 inches (1.27cm) or thickness of your pinkie finger.
Mane hair is accepted as long as it meets the minimum requirement for length and bundle width.

All remaining hair will be returned to you with the finished piece if you are providing your own, if specified.

Shipping address is provided with your receipt at purchase, or send me a message and I will supply it for you.


How to ship your horse's hair:

1. Do you have to wash the hair? No, but if you do it will put you a few days ahead in the queue.
2. Wash with dish soap or horse shampoo, do not use conditioner or de-tangle products. Let air dry completely.
3. Secure thickest part of hair with rubber band.
4. Package hair in paper or plastic bag - if using plastic bag, leave top partially open or cut holes in the bag to allow the hair to "breathe".
5. Label hair package with your information and order number.
6. Ship in a sturdy container such as a manila/card board envelope or box. Please do not use a plain paper envelope.
7. You will be notified by e-mail that your order is being processed once we have received it.
8. Address to ship to will be provided with your receipt after purchase. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email