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2 Tone With Accent Beads

2 Tone With Accent Beads

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Introducing our Custom Handmade Horse Hair Bracelet, a unique and personal accessory that encapsulates the spirit of your beloved horses. This bracelet boasts two distinct strands of genuine horsehair, meticulously braided to perfection.

Adding a touch of elegance and symbolism, we've incorporated accent beads in silver and rose gold. These beads beautifully complement the natural grace of the horsehair and symbolize the enduring connection you share with your equine companions.

But what truly sets this bracelet apart is the option to customize it with up to two color beads. Choose from a wide array of colors, including amethyst and aqua, to represent qualities and memories that matter most to you. Whether it's tranquility, strength, or any other significance, these colors become a unique expression of your bond with your horses.

Wearing this Custom Handmade Horse Hair Bracelet is a way to keep your equine friends close, beautifully intertwined into a piece that's as unique as your connection with them. It's a heartfelt and meaningful accessory that reflects your cherished memories and the love you hold for your horses.


(You can choose up to 2 color beads)

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