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Light base

A personalized way to remember your beloved companion. This lovely display piece is a tribute to the cherished pets that have touched your life, and it's crafted with care to ensure it captures their essence your way.

Each resin piece is embedded with a hologram that beautifully represents your pet, whether it's a horse, cat, dog, or another special friend. You have the option to choose from various hologram designs to suit your preference.

To add an extra touch of magic, you can select to display with lighting, creating a mesmerizing and heartwarming display. This feature allows you to honor your pet, day or night, in a way that brings comfort and joy.

Our Poured Resin Pet Hologram is not just a tribute; it's a keepsake that brings your furry or feathered friend back into your life, reflecting your unique bond. Whether with or without light, this piece is a heartfelt reminder of the love and memories you hold dear.

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