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Dual Ribbon Ring

Dual Ribbon Ring

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Introducing our Horse Hair Braided Ring Collection, where you can choose from a selection of fine materials, including sterling silver, to create a cherished keepsake. Each ring in this collection is designed for any occasion and is a heartfelt way to remember the loss of a beloved horse.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, these rings feature a delicate braid of genuine horsehair, symbolizing the enduring bond between humans and these majestic animals. Whether you select sterling silver or another premium material, our rings are designed to be worn anytime, making them a versatile and meaningful accessory for everyday life.

Wearing one of these rings serves as a beautiful reminder of the cherished memories and emotional connections you hold dear. It's a tangible symbol of the love and loyalty you shared with your equine companion. Choose a ring from our collection to keep your horse's spirit close to your heart, always.

8mm in 4mm inlay

choice of ribbon colors

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