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Pet memorial

Pet memorial

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Introducing our remarkable handcrafted Pyrography Poem with Portrait on a digital 5x7 frame, surrounded by a horse hair braided lasso. This unique piece is meticulously created using recycled wood, making it an eco-friendly and meaningful addition to your home decor.

Measuring approximately 2'x2', this memorial board commands attention with its impressive size and attention to detail. Each element is carefully crafted to ensure a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to your loved one.

The Pyrography Poem with Portrait captures the essence of your cherished memories. The intricate pyrography technique etches the portrait onto the wooden surface, preserving the details and bringing the image to life. The poetry complements the visual art, expressing the depth of your emotions and serving as a heartfelt tribute.

The digital 5x7 frame seamlessly integrates into the design, allowing you to display your favorite photos and videos. With its high-resolution display and user-friendly interface, you can easily customize and change the content to suit your preferences and keep the memories alive.

We also offer the simple version made with same care and attention.


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